How to Keep Rooms with Windows Cool in the Summer

Large windows in a room can be wonderful for the view, the cheery light and fresh air. Unfortunately, they also bring in a great deal of heat. If you have a room that faces east or west, a large expanse of glass can let in a great deal of sunlight and the heat that it can bring. You’ll pay far more for air-conditioning than you would in the same room if it had a small window. If you’re tired of constantly shelling out for air-conditioning, you need to look into ways of keeping the sun from getting in.

Use drapes

Drapes are one of the most cost-effective solutions possible for the problem of excessive heat through windows. It’s possible to either choose heavy drapes, or to find lacy stuff that does nearly as good a job, while letting light in. The problem with drapes, however, is that they only act once heat from outside is already in.

Outdoor shades or awnings

The best thing about awnings is that they keep the sun and its heat outside. Unlike with drapes, awnings make sure that heat from direct sunshine doesn’t enter the room in the first place. While outdoor blinds may work, awnings are the better idea. They do not darken windows. With awnings, it’s possible to have plenty of light, and still not have any actual sunshine enter the room to heat it up.

Solar film applications

Low-emissivity solar film applications are like sunscreen. The best ones, however, are selectively reflective, allowing plenty of light in, but little heat or UV. The downside to solar film is that it can darken windows, even in winter.

Use foliage

Whether it’s a tree right outside each window or beautiful Virginia creepers all over your walls, plants cool homes dramatically. While trees can take a long time growing, vines grow and spread very quickly.

The most obvious solution

Replacement windows come with improved technologies. While they can be expensive, the benefits can be significant. From greater comfort to low-maintenance performance and energy savings, they allow homeowners to keep their bright, cheery windows, and still stay cool.